Smart City Solutions

Aegean Development's Milestone Project in the Municipality of Kos

Aegean Development, stands at the forefront of Smart City Solutions, having successfully delivered the first-ever Smart City project in Greece, particularly within the Municipality of Kos. In collaboration with the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce, we have achieved a significant milestone by implementing a comprehensive infrastructure project that encompasses:


  • Advanced energy-efficient street lighting, managed through a cutting-edge digital app, resulting in up to 90% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Implementation of smart digital pillars for the precise monitoring and recording of daily electric load consumption within the intervention area.
  • Implementation of intelligent parking systems, including autonomous disabled parking controls at the Kos hospital, utilizing photovoltaic elements and terrestrial parking sensors, seamlessly integrated with the municipal police system.
  • Installation of smart solar benches equipped with mobile phone charging facilities, alongside provisions for future IoT applications.
  • Deployment of large digital signage within the intervention area, facilitating uninterrupted promotion of participating commercial enterprises and informative videos about the Municipality of Kos by the Archaeological Service, enhancing visitor awareness of the city’s services.


At Aegean Development, we are committed to driving innovation and creating sustainable urban environments. Contact us to explore how we can elevate your Smart City initiatives.

A few things we’re great at

We help cities to get more citizen friendly with digital solutions.

We provide software tools and services to implement a digital ecosystem with smarter services for your citizens.

Aegean Development City Portal IoT

City Portal

Inform, engage and connect your citizens with our web-based City Portal solutions. Support Residents, Visitors, and the Business Community with relevant information and services that put people first.

Connect your partner Websites with our OPEN Cloud technology with selected services or information about your city.

Aegean Smart City App futuristic smart-technologies

City App

Engage and inform your citizens on the go with context and location aware services with our City App solution.

Provide information about Places, Buildings, Events, Gastronomy, Parties, Art Galleries, Parking, Family Services, Businesses, and Retail Stores for your citizens on the go with a mobile first experience.

Aegean Development City management App

City Management

Our City Management tools will enable your city administration team to manage the master data of the city infrastructure also with GEO-location for our navigation services in the cloud.

Manage constructions, places, streets, services and business information with geo location with our secure and GDPR compliant cloud services.

Digital Signage

Support residents, visitors, and the business community with dynamic live way finding and show people the best way to find nearby events, retail stores, restaurants, and services.

The Hyperlocal Neighborhood Marketing solution and the Campaign Management System enables location aware and contextual advertising.

With dynamic messaging based on location, date and time and other real-time data, consumers benefit from relevant and contextual information.

Event Management

Manage all relevant city events like concerts, shows, fairs, art events, business events and more with our cloud-based event management tool.

Link events to places or buildings and promote events with the integrated campaign and advertising tool.

Aegean Development smart city - digital signage- Hyperlocal Neighborhood Marketing copy

Hyper Local Marketing & Management

Our Hyper Local services and marketing solution will help to gain new business with smarter services and more effective offers for your citizens.

Promote local retail stores and businesses with current offers and live way finding. Also, you can create a source of revenue for your city.

Aegean Development Smart-City- smart Retail

Smart Retail

Smarten up the local retail stores (big and small) with the integrated Smart Retail Proximity Marketing, the Smart Retail Profiling solution and the City Card Loyalty Program.

Enhance the customer experience with context aware retail solutions and connect the retail stores with the smartphones and web experiences of the citizens.

Aegean Development City Analytics

City Analytics

The integrated City Analytics tools and views will provide actionable reports and business insights with the analytics data to seize Opportunities for your city.

Turn your city analytics data into meaningful information and find insights within your data with the reporting tools such as pivot charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards.