Amaltheia Farms

Intellectual Property Amaltheia Farms Free Range Egg Farms

Aegean Development offers the possibility of low-scale investment in intellectual Property Rights primary production units owned exclusively for Greece and the European Union by Aegean Development, and they concerned organic free-range egg production units and what precisely they offer.

antibiotic free

The unit produces free-range eggs without antibiotics in the unit’s livestock.


The unit produces free-range eggs without administering hormones to our livestock.

free gmo

The facility produces free-range eggs without the use of genetically modified feed

The unit self-produces the required animal feed needed for its animal capital from barley seeds with the production of barley sprouts, as the seed is not mutated but is produced by Greek farmers and is considered of the highest nutritional value for the well-being of our birds.

The vertically integrated hydroponic unit exploits the use of AI production infrastructures that combine what the primary sector in Greece and the European Union has to offer to ensure the production of organic feed free from mutated raw materials in a controlled environment of hygiene and sterilization as well as control to ensure organic feed production.

Aegean Development City Portal IoT

The unit uses IOT systems to monitor the overall infrastructure in cages and the hydroponic unit. These systems relate to the structural characteristics of the unit’s operation, which ensures the highest levels of well-being and hygiene, capable of bringing it to the forefront at the EU level based on the European standards that have been established.

The unit has a system for recording the internal temperature of each cage. During high temperatures, the AI system is instructed to take over the ventilation system and maintain the cage’s temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius.

The unit has a humidity recording system for each cage to keep the humidity at a low level, along with a ventilation system, so you do not create an environment for the growth of focal microbes. This maintains the welfare levels at an excellent level, resulting in the production of superior food products.

The unit has a system for recording the different gas levels inside the cage, thus ensuring complete levels of healthy living for our birds. 

The unit has a particulate ppm recording system for each cage to ensure excellent air quality for our flock.


The unit’s livestock is monitored with AI cameras in real-time mode. The cameras check the living conditions of the chickens in each cage and send an image to the unit’s manager for better flock monitoring.

The bird habitats have a system recorded with UV sensors to protect our livestock during harmful, intense solar radiation periods.

The unit operates with energy autonomy provided by autonomous photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of each cage, as in the hydroponic unit.

The unit maintains a zero CO2 emissions balance as it is entirely Green Efficiency

As well as the possibility for the production unit to self-produce the feed it needs through the cultivation of organic barley sprouts in particular aseptic areas with a controlled environment fully controlled by an AI system

The unit covers 100% all the specifications provided for by the European directive “a farm to fork” established by the EU to demonstrate proper welfare rules in production units

This is a feed rich in protein metal elements, as well as significant nutritional value since ancient times, as barley was the leading food that the great Master Hippocrates of Kos used to deal with various health problems.