About Aegean Development

Aegean Development has over 20 years of experience developing large energy projects through its executives’ engagement with the largest groups in the country. 

The core team consists of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, 3D design architects, implementers of digital projection models, and network application engineers. 

It partners with the country’s largest energy groups to exchange know-how, and its purpose is to create the entire range of its products so that they always have added value. 

Αll of them are registered patents since it already owns 4 in several innovative (Amaltheia Farms, Amaltheia Farms Hybrid, Solar bench, Solar Bus Station) with the knowledge that they are all inventions useful for society and the benefit of the many, to offer technological excellence, all made with superior quality materials to withstand time, designed by experienced Greek mechanical engineers – engineers – architects, maintaining clean lines and always highlighting the particular characteristics that make each invention unique for their use, according to the characteristics of each area, corresponding characteristics are chosen in the construction materials so that they last over time, giving added value.