We undertake large-scale projects in areas that seek to deliver both
social value and maximize investment value.

Digital Lifeguard with AI technology!

The leading drowning detection system
for swimming pools!

Smart City Solutions

Digital ecosystem for smart cities!

Aegean Development, stands at the forefront of Smart City Solutions, having successfully delivered the first-ever Smart City project in Greece, particularly within the Municipality of Kos.

Business Development

We specialize in sustainable Business Operations in Greece & Cyprus

At Aegean Development, we specialize in Business Development & Operations. Share your business idea with us, and our expert team will provide guidance and support to lay the groundwork for a successful business plan.

Amaltheia Farms

Intellectual Property Amaltheia Farms Free Range Egg Farms

Our company offers the possibility of low-scale investment in intellectual Property Rights primary production units owned exclusively for Greece and the European Union by Aegean Development, and they concerned organic free-range egg production units and what precisely they offer.

Greek Golden Visa

by investment in infrastructure

Aegean Development, has established a dedicated support department for facilitating Golden Visa legal and financial procedures. This is accomplished through investments in both the energy sector and other sustainable investment opportunities.

Business Strategy Consulting

We are poised to guide you through a journey of reinvention on Greece territories

Drawing on deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge insights, we provide actionable recommendations to drive 360° value within your organization.

Photovoltaic Parks

Ready to Operate in Greece and Cyprus

Aegean Development, features photovoltaic parks in Greece and Cyprus within its portfolio. 

We specialize in facilitating the resale of fully operational or construction-ready PV parks to Greek investors and those from third countries seeking secure, long-term investments. 

Our offerings provide peace of mind with insurance coverage extending over at least 20 years, ensuring a safe and reliable investment opportunity.


Aegean Development specializes in conducting solar energy studies, overseeing the entire application process until final approval across various government programs. Additionally, we undertake the construction of photovoltaic parks in Greece and Cyprus, leveraging partnerships with leading international suppliers such as Luxor, Axitec, Meyer Burger, Jinko Solar, Huawei, Sungrow, Fronius, SMA, Kostal, and Kako.